The Dark Knight (2008): Harvey Dent


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The clip Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight (2008) with Eric Roberts, Aaron Eckhart

Sorry I'm late, folks.
-Where were you? -Worried you'd have to step up?
-Harvey, I know these briefs backwards. -Well, then fair's fair.
Heads, I'll take it. Tails, he's all yours.
Yeah? You wanna flip a coin to see who leads?
My father's lucky coin. As I recall, it got me my first date with you.
I wouldn't leave something like that up to chance.
I don't. I make my own luck.
All rise. The Honorable Judge Freel presiding.
I thought the DA just played golf with the mayor.
Teeoff's 1:30. More than enough time to put you away for life, Sally.
With Carmine Falcone in Arkham someone must have stepped up to run the so-called family.

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