The Dark Knight (2008): Rachel is Dead


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The clip Rachel is dead from The Dark Knight (2008) with Michael Caine

Prepared a little breakfast.
-Very well, then. -Alfred.
Yes, Master Wayne?
Did I bring this on her?
I was meant to inspire good not madness, not death.
You have inspired good. But you spat in the faces of Gotham's criminals.
Didn't you think there might be casualties?
Things always get worse before they get better.
But Rachel, Alfred.
Rachel believed in what you stood for what we stand for.
Gotham needs you.
No, Gotham needs its true hero and I let that murdering psychopath blow him half to hell.
Which is why, for now they're gonna have to make do with you.
She was gonna wait for me, Alfred.
Dent doesn't know.
He can never know.
What's that?
-It can wait. -That bandit in the forest in Burma.
-Did you catch him? -Yes.
We burned the forest down.

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