Slap Shot (1977): Discussing Retirement


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The clip discussing retirement from Slap Shot (1977)

So, how's your money holdin' out?
There's a beer in the fridge if you want one.
Is that a new dress?
Sort of.
Looks good. Kinda tight.
I think I'm gaining a little weight.
I don't know. Maybe it's better tight.
Is that the first time you wore that dress?
Been goin' out? Gettin' around?
You been seein' somebody in that dress?
Makin' out?
That's none of your business any more.
Jesus, Francine.
I think about you all the time. Nothing is ever over.
If I wasn't so goddamn busy, I mean, I'd see more of you.
I was gonna come down the other night and ask you to the Aces,
but, I don't know, something came up.
What? You need dough?
Save your money. You're gonna need it.
Who, me?
When they close the mill, the Chiefs'll fold.
That's bullshit.
These people are gonna be broke.
They're not gonna be going to hockey games. You're not getting any younger.
I got nothing to worry about. I coach.
You're no good at it.
Every player on that team thinks I'm the greatest.
You're a losing coach.
You can't make 'em win.
I was thinking about you the other day, tryin' to imagine you
when you're through with hockey, and I couldn't.
There was nobody there.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna come back to you.
Too little, too late.

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