Slap Shot (1977): After Game Party


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The clip after game party from Slap Shot (1977)

I'm gonna be calling my brother tomorrow at the fuckin' Chrysler plant.
Operator? Operator?
Ah! Bernard. Yeah. They close it.
Yeah. Yeah, I want to echanger.
Bernard, call Detroit, tell them bullshit.
Yeah. Yeah, something.
Wait. Ned, what's echanger in English?
Trade me right fucking now.
Trade me right fucking now!
Now hang up.
Wait a minute. Reg!
Yeah. Hey!
If I had to do it again, I would've gotten an education. You know what I mean?
Jesus Christ, look at Ned here. He doesn't have to depend on hockey.
What are you doin' here?
Oh. Where's Hanrahan?
I know a good bar here. The Palm Isle.
Fucked the barmaid last trip.
I mean, I walked into the place,
she comes up to me without even sayin' hello and just rubs up against me.
Ah, come on, Mo. Jesus. What?
I mean, she had her jugs right up against my suit.
Nipples as hard as little rocks.
Right, Morris.
Yeah. What's the address?
Any of you guys know the Palm Isle in this town?
Yeah. Don't move.
Before Larry has his one chance at ourJackpot Bowl,
is there anyone you would like to say hello to back home?
Ten bucks he says the guys at work.
Ten bucks, wife and kids.
I'm with Braden.
.. the camera and say hello to anybody.
I'd like to say hi to all the guys down at work.
All right!
Put my fucking car back on the track, will ya?

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