Slap Shot (1977): Face-off and Fight


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The clip face-off and fight from Slap Shot (1977) with Steve Carlson, David Hanson

Hi, Ogie.
Buy you a soda after the game?
Hi. You know Toe Blake?
We'll straighten you out, you little prick.
They don't call me Dr Hook for nothing.
How you doin'?
All right, now. No high-sticking. No tripping. No slashing.
Major surgery. Open-heart.
I'm waitin' for quiet.
Yeah, you'll have quiet.
Give 'em hell!
Give 'em the old-time hockey!
Good crowd.
Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork!
Eddie Shore!
Come on! Get up! Get up!
One with the universe. One with the universe. Nothing matters.
This reporter is stunned! The Charlestown Chiefs are not fighting back!
Keep the guys off me!
You fuckin' moron!
The Chiefs' performance has to be a bitter disappointment
to these 4,000-odd Charlestown fans who have packed this War Memorial,
paying good money to witness this... this fiasco.
Get Ogie!

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