Slap Shot (1977): Celebrating Championship


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The clip celebrating championship from Slap Shot (1977)

Hands off me, or you forfeit the game.
Forfeit, my ass! Look at that!
All right. That's it. That's the game.
You lose.
What are you talking about, lose?
All right, come on, dummy, you won the game. Come on, pick up your trophy.
Here ya go, ya bum.
The Chiefs have won the championship of the Federal League!
He's gonna catch his death out there.
I said some bad things about the boy,
but we can explain that to the exuberance and excitement of youth,
because he's certainly changed his ways now.
My boy!
Hi, Francine!
Come on, honey! You got all the room in the world.
You ain't gonna hit anything. Come on!
I got good news!
Honey, I'm paying by the hour for this.
The Minnesota Night Hawks. I'm coaching. The Big Apple!

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