Slap Shot (1977): Meeting the Owner


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The clip meeting the owner from Slap Shot (1977)

Amy, take this in the house.
Hello there.
Hiya. I'm Reg Dunlop. The Chiefs? I came to see your husband.
Oh, yes? I'm Anita McCambridge. How do you do?
You think you can help with these?
Uh, yeah.
Mom, I'm late, I gotta go.
Michael, stay in the yard, put your jacket on and carry one of these in first.
Where's your husband?
He's in puppy heaven.
I own the Chiefs.
This way.
What can I get you to drink?
Canadian Club and water.
Nice place you've got here.
To tell the truth, Mrs McCambridge, the reason...
OK, Anita.
Uh... you know, we all read about the possibility of a sale in Florida,
and the guys are getting anxious to find out what's going on.
I guess I'm their representative.
We've been doin' real good.
My accountant is certainly pleased.

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