Slap Shot (1977): Lily's Makeover


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The clip Lily's makeover from Slap Shot (1977)

Take my guitar
Forboard and room
Hey, Billy!
Well, you're gonna be set, Lily. Taking your destiny by the throat.
You're in the driver's seat.
You're not having second thoughts about this, are you?
Sometimes I think I get it. Sometimes I think it's horseshit.
Well, to doubt is human. You stick with Reg. I'm on a roll.
Bye, Francine. Come back and see us.
I will. Thank you, Mrs Vincent.
You're gonna need another 10 or 15 minutes.
This is Lily Braden, Ned Braden's wife.
Well, actually she's... she's on waivers.
Listen, she's in the market for a perm and I said to her
"Hey, there's no one better than old Francine. "
Well, I don't think...
For the works. I'm buyin'.
I'll pay you back tomorrow.
No, that's not the problem.
You see, the problem is...
I never laid a hand on her. It was just a kid.
Listen, it's a pathetic story. It's pathetic.
You look terrific.
Be careful, girls.
There's TVRadio Mirror, Modern Screen.
You were married to him?
For about a hundred years. It's all over.
He's completely off his rocker.
I left my husband, too.
I'm only halfway out the revolving door, know what I mean?
Oh, it's lousy at first. You think you're dying. But then it's fabulous.
I mean, you become a new woman.
You know, Reggie told me you've gotten terrific since you left him.

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