Slap Shot (1977): Cursing on the Radio


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The clip cursing on the radio from Slap Shot (1977) with Andrew Duncan

to jump into that fight with Tim "Dr Hook" McCracken.
Ned Braden's come into the booth. Sit down.
I noticed a slight discussion with Reg Dunlop.
What are you doing? You been benched?
Yes, a real first in my career. I've been benched.
Why is that?
I won't fight.
Well, you could play if you fought.
Let's just say I'm chickenshit.
Ned, why would someone with your background still be playing hockey?
I hate my father.
You do?
And I was having problems at home.
You are?
I just said I was. Primarily sexual problems. I'm very perverse.
Holy shit!
I skate to get away from my wife!
This is Jim Carr...
We fight. She wants me to quit hockey.
As you may have noticed, she's the only good-looking piece of ass in Charlestown!
She also has a drinking problem, and I have no idea where she is.
Gimme that damn mike!
Why do you wear that rug?
It's just sensationally ugly.
You're going bald. Can't you face up to that?
Well, at least I'm not chickenshit like you!
What you're hearing is the truth!
Jim Carr got angry...
Joe McGrath here. The boys like to horse around.
Chickenshit bastard!
Sod off, old fart!
I may be bald, but I'm not chickenshit.
I wanna talk about violence.
Chick, chick, chick!
Gimme that!
Son! Son!

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