Frost Nixon (2008): the First Interview Part 2


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The clip the first interview Part 2 from Frost Nixon (2008) with Frank Langella, Kevin Bacon

and partly to ensure there was
a record kept of every verbal agreement,
no matter how off the cuff or casual.
Now, initially, on coming into the White House,
I insisted on dismantling the system.
I hadn't liked the idea at all, but the former President,
President Johnson, had repeatedly said
how crazy it would be to remove the system,
which he felt was the best way...
Well, in boxing, you know, there's always that first moment,
and you see it in the challenger's face.
It's that moment that he feels
the impact from the champ's first jab.
It's kind of a sickening moment, when he realizes that
all those months of pep talks and the hype,
the psyching yourself up, had been delusional all along.
You could see it in Frost's face.
If he didn't know the caliber of the man
that he was up against before the interview started,
he certainly knew it halfway through the President's first answer.
You see, since the best advice is
almost always of the confidential variety,
now the tapes have been made public,
people are unlikely ever to feel comfortable
speaking in confidence at the White House.

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