Frost Nixon (2008): a Break


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The clip a break from Frost Nixon (2008) with Frank Langella, Michael Sheen

I'm sorry, gentlemen.
We have to take a break. Tape change.
Oh. Okay, how's that? You getting what you need?
It's fantastic.
Good. Good. Thank you.
Excuse me. One moment, sir.
Yeah, sure. Take your time.
What are you doing, David? You've got to stop him rambling.
It's all right. These are just introductory exchanges.
But this session only lasts two hours.
Nearly half of it's gone, and we're wasting valuable material, okay?
The moment that he made the decision to resign,
we should be scoring points with that stuff.
Want me to switch to Vietnam?
No. No. We've got to get something
out of that resignation night. All right?
That was Nixon at his lowest point, a total wreck. On his knees?
Praying with Kissinger? Come on, you can nail him with that stuff.
Listen, was that okay?
Perfect, sir.
It didn't sound too arrogant or self-serving?
Not at all. You sounded controlled, even-handed, statesmanlike.
Now continue exactly the same way.
Long answers. Control the space.
Don't let him in.
Okay, got you.

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