Frost Nixon (2008): Backstage

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The clip backstage from Frost Nixon (2008) with Frank Langella, Kevin Bacon I can't stand it, Jack! Reduci...
The clip backstage from Frost Nixon (2008) with Frank Langella, Kevin Bacon I can't stand it, Jack! Reducing the presidency to a series of banal anecdotes. I feel like a circus animal doing tricks. And I thought I made it clear! I didn't want to take any questions on Watergate, damn it! Soon as it came to question time, all those sons of bitches ever want to hear about is Watergate! It's as if all my other achievements have ceased to exist. Well, sir, you're gonna get a chance to talk about them sooner than you think. Yeah? How? Frost got there. He got the money. What? I understand most of it's borrowed, that his friends have bailed him out. But the point is, we start taping at the end of March. Really? Now, that's terrific. How much time is devoted to Watergate? 25%. Just one of four 90-minute shows. What are the other three divided into? Domestic Affairs, Foreign Policy, and Nixon the Man. "Nixon the Man"? As opposed to what? Nixon the horse? Well, I imagine it's some kind of biographical piece. I can see it now. The father that neglected me, the brothers that died. Spare me. Still, now, the fact it's come together, now, that's a good thing, no? Mr. President, it's fantastic. Frost is just not in your intellectual class, sir. You're gonna be able to dictate terms, rebuild your reputation. If this went well, if enough people saw it, revised their opinion, you could move back East way, way earlier than we expected. You think? I'm certain. It would be so good to go back to where the action is. You know? The hunger in my belly is still there, Jack. I guess it all boils down to Watergate, huh? Well, that's nothing to worry about, sir.