Frost Nixon (2008): Late Night Call


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The clip late night call from Frost Nixon (2008) with Michael Sheen, Frank Langella

Okay, that is a cut.
Thank you.
In any deal, you need to know your opponent's breaking point.
To assess that, you might call them
late at night or at the weekend.
If they take the call, you know they're desperate.
And from that moment on, you know you have the upper hand.
Mr. Frost? Irving Lazar.
Swifty Lazar. I represent President Nixon.
What time is it?
Bad time?
No! Not at all.
I'm calling with regard to your request for an interview
and to say, having considered it,
my client is not necessarily opposed to the idea.
Really? Well, that's terrific news!
For God's sake.
I got $500,000.
Is that good?
Mr. President, it's a half a million dollars for a news interview.
It's unprecedented.
Yeah? Well, what's the catch?
With Frost? None. It'll be a big wet kiss.
This guy'll be so grateful to be getting it at all,
he'll pitch puffballs all night
and pay a half a million dollars for the privilege.
Well, you think you could get 550?
I got 6.

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