Frost Nixon (2008): Opening Credits Part 3


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The clip opening credits Part 3 from Frost Nixon (2008)

and here is Carl Stern, who has that ruling.
It is a unanimous decision, Doug, eight to zero.
Justice Rehnquist took no part in the decision
ordering the President of the United States to turn over the tapes.
It's an eight-to-zero unanimous opinion.
A White House aide told NBC News today
that impeachment of the President
by the full House of Representatives now is a virtual certainty.
These are, with no serious doubt,
the last hours of the 37th presidency of the United States.
This is indeed an historic day,
the only time a president has ever resigned from office
in our nearly 200 years of history.
You see the White House there, and in the White House,
in just a few moments now,
President Nixon will be appearing before the people,
perhaps for the last time as President of the United States.
15 seconds, Mr. President.

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