Frost Nixon (2008): Opening Credits Part 2


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The clip opening credits Part 2 from Frost Nixon (2008)

Stand by for camera.
John Dean, the ex-White House Counsel, testified today
that President Nixon knew about the Watergate cover-up.
At one point in the conversation,
I recall the President telling me
to keep a good list of the press people giving us trouble
because we will make life difficult for them after the election.
Dean read through a 245-page statement
characterizing a president who was easily outraged
over war protesters and political adversaries,
and outlining a range of offenses,
including wiretapping of newsmen,
a Charles Colson plan to firebomb
and burglarize the Brookings Institution,
and spying on Senator Kennedy and other Democrats.
The misuse of power is the very essence of tyranny.
And consider, if you will,
the frightening implications of that for a free society.
The President today accepted the resignation of three of his closest aides.
Out is H. R. Haldeman, Chief of Staff.
Also quitting under fire is John Ehrlichman.
Ehrlichman was a key political advisor.
Good morning. The Supreme Court
has just ruled on the tapes controversy,

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