Frost Nixon (2008): Leave Nixon's House


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The clip leave nixon's house from Frost Nixon (2008) with Frank Langella, Rebecca Hall

Okay, smile.
There. Now you can put that in your apartment in New York,
and all your liberal friends can use it as a dartboard.
Well, actually, I'm living in Monte Carlo at the moment.
Yes. Goodbye, Mr. President.
Hey. Take my advice.
You should marry that woman.
Yes. Lovely, isn't she?
More important than that, she comes from Monaco.
They pay no taxes there.
Bye-bye. Goodbye.
I bet you it did.
Come out of his own pocket.
You know, he couldn't look me in the eye.
Well, I hear the networks aren't biting.
Without the networks, the ad agencies don't want to know.
So if you ask me, there's a good chance
this whole thing may never happen.
Really? So that meeting we just had might have cost him $200,000?
Had I known that, I would have offered him a cup of tea.
Say, did you notice his shoes?
Italian. No laces. What do you think?
My people tried to get me to wear a pair like that.
I think a man's shoes should have laces, sir.
You do?
Yeah. Personally, I find those Italian shoes very effeminate.
Yes, quite right.

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