Frost Nixon (2008): Wheel Chair


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The clip wheel chair from Frost Nixon (2008) with Frank Langella

So how do we want to address the college protests?
Well, do we want to lift some quotes
from the "stand up and be counted" speech in 1970?
Sir? You know, maybe we're just better off
using the whole Lincoln Memorial memo.
Just include the whole thing.
Mr. President, Swifty Lazar is here.
Okay. No, no, stick around.
You're gonna get a kick out of this.
This is my literary agent from Hollywood.
Hygiene obsessive.
Mr. President, good to see you.
Nice to see you.
These are folks helping me with my book.
Diane Sawyer, Frank Gannon, Irving Lazar.
Nice to meet you. Miss Sawyer.
Pleasure. Mr. Gannon.
Okay, that's it. I'll see you after lunch.
So how you feeling, sir?
I'm better, thank you. Though not yet well enough to golf,
thank God. I despise that game.
Imagine, six weeks out of office
as President of the United States,
and they'd have me putting in my hospital room.
Never retire, Mr. Lazar.
To me, the unhappiest people of the world are retired.
No purpose.
What makes life mean something is purpose.
A goal. A battle. A struggle.
Well, even if you don't win it.
When my doctor declared me unfit
to give testimony in the Watergate trial,
everybody thought I'd be relieved.
Well, they were wrong.
That was the lowest I got.
Well, if it's a challenge you want, here's one you might enjoy.

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