The Collector (2009): Arguing with Wife About Money


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The clip arguing with wife about money from The Collector (2009)

What you doing there, baby girl?
Shh... keep quiet for just a sec.
I've got someone who wants to meet you.
He says you have to close your eyes.
Alright, go ahead and open them.
Do I get to keep him?
Of course you get to keep him.
Do you have it?
What is that?
Daddy got him for me.
God damn it.
Thank you Daddy.
You're welcome, Cindy.
You're supposed to come by 6 hours ago.
Yeah, so I just got a bit tied up at work, you know?
Do you or don't you have the money?
Look, it's not as much as I said, but...
it's something.
What is this?
You promised you'd get it by tonight.
I know,
but these jobs don't just happen overnight.
I have to have it today.
Why today?
Because the people I owe want it.
So why don't you let me talk to the people that you owe?

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