Seed of Chucky (2004): Voodoo Pregnancy


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The clip voodoo pregnancy from Seed of Chucky (2004) with Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif

It's "D" day here in San Quentin.
Who would've thought it would ever come to this?
They're executing Martha Stewart this morning.
I don't think I can take nine months of this shit.
Silly Chucky. It's a voodoo pregnancy. It's accelerated.
How accelerated?
It's 102,7 Kiss FM, LA's number one music station.
Ryan Seacrest, Ally Kay "I don't know if I can't take it" on the way.
We have bad weather on the way, LA, Hollywood.
Bad weather? We're not used to bad weather.
No, we're not.
I'm pretty sure it's gonna affect my whole life.
I'd like to hear more reports on the weather...
This is Joan.
Joan, I'm fat.
You're not fat.
No, I'm fat, I'm huge!
For the love of Mary, I'm pregnant.
Oh my God.
No, I should've listened to you.
You said it was evil and I was going to hell.
You're right and now God is punishing me.
My God. Is it Redman's?
No, it's definitely not Redman's.
It's definitely not Redman's. What an asshole!
What makes you say that?
Say what?
That Redman's is an asshole.
I didn't say, you did.
No I didn't.
So he's not an asshole?
Yes he is.
Joan, will you stop doing that?
Doing what?
Imitating, I don't sound like that!
Yes you do! I do!
Joan, shut up! There's something wrong with me, I'm pregnant, I...

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