Seed of Chucky (2004): Transfer Souls


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The clip transfer souls from Seed of Chucky (2004) with Billy Boyd, Jennifer Tilly

Are you okay?
I am now.
So are you a pair of ninja assassins?
Are you hit men for the Yakuza?
We're not from Japan. We're from Jersey.
Just think. Jennifer Tilly is playing me in a movie.
It's absolutely perfect casting.
But that voice?
I know, she sounds just like an angel.
Now I've got it all figured it out.
I'm gonna transfer my soul into Jennifer...
and you're gonna transfer your soul into Redman.
I'm down with that.
We'll diss these plastic bodies once and for all...
and we'll be Hollywood's hottest couple!
What about me?
Don't worry, Glenda.
I've got that figured it out too.
You are going to be a real life girl.
Well, I'm not getting pregnant again, I'll tell you that much.
My mother always told me...
"once is a blessing, twice is a curse. "
That would explain your sister.
The only sensible option is a surrogate mother.

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