Major Payne (1995): Telling a Story Part 2


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The clip telling a story Part 2 from Major Payne (1995)

just as the little engine was makin' his way across the trestle.
Boom! An explosion happened.
And blood and guts and spit and ass was everywhere!
And Bubba come crawlin' out the back door,
both legs missin'.
Lula May's baby boy!
He look up at me. He said, "Payne!
I can't feel my legs. "
I said, "Bubba, they ain't there. "
And I looked down,
and them little bloody nubs was kickin' real fast, like this here.
And I said, "Bubba, it's 30 miles to the nearest town.
'Less you can flip upside down and walk on your hands, you ain't gonna make it. "
All of a sudden, Charlie was all over the place!
It was just me and my sidearm.
And I had no other alternative...
but to blast my way out.

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