Major Payne (1995): Mocking Payne


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The clip mocking payne from Major Payne (1995) with Damon Wayans

Where is he?
He better get here.
Alex! Alex!
Alex, did you do it?
How much did it cost?
Where were you?
Shh. I did it. I did it.
Squad! Atten-hut!
Let's go, maggots. Follow my lead!
Payne's not here He's in our ass
Butt's so tight he can't pass gas
Sound off
One, two
Sound off
Three, four
Break it on down Break it on down
Break it on down
Break it down
You like to rhyme, boy?
What's your name? Bushwick Bill?
No, let me guess. You Snoop Diggety Dogg.
Turds! Front leanin' rest position. Move!
I'm 'a teach you how I rhyme military style!
Don't you feel dumb?
Two! Look at you.
Don't you ever make no jokes about me behind my back,
otherwise I stomp you in the ground!

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