Major Payne (1995): New Cadets


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The clip new cadets from Major Payne (1995)

Company! Atten-hut!
Sir, squad is formed, sir.
My name...
is Major Benson Winifred Payne!
I'd like to be the first to welcome you...
to the Madison School.
What we've tried to develop here...
is a family environment.
One of trust and understanding.
I'd like for you to think of me not only as your commanding officer,
but as your friend.
And what the hell is that?
He's mine.
That-a-boy. Sit.
Good boy.
You know, there ain't no pets allowed on these here premises, Mr. Ace Ventura.
Yeah, well, maybe that doesn't apply to me.
He's my blind seein'
eye dog.
What in the world would anybody want with a blind dog?

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