Death Race 2000 (1975): President Frankenstein Abolishes the Race

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The clip president frankenstein abolishes the race from Death Race 2000 (1975) Mr. And Mrs. President Fran...
The clip president frankenstein abolishes the race from Death Race 2000 (1975) Mr. And Mrs. President Frankenstein - dear friends of mine - can you tell us what your first official acts will be? I plan to pension off the secret police, restore free elections, end minority privilege, and move the seat of government back to New Los Angeles. We've been governed from abroad long enough. Mr. President, is it true that you are now accepting rebels into your government? Well, since I have accepted one into my house... President Frankenstein has appointed my great-grandmother, Thomasina Paine, in view of her experience in the field, as the minister for domestic security. And I plan to deal very harshly with rebels. Anybody who is unhappy with happiness can go find someplace else to live. What about the race? The race is abolished. Abolished? That's right. We feel that the country no longer needs this gratuitous display of violence to show the world that its virility is still intact. Mr. President, isn't it true that as a racer your popularity depended on violence? I'm afraid I shall have to let my press secretary answer that question. Stop annoying Mr. President with impertinent questions, Junior. It's the race, man. President Frankenstein, you can't call off the race. The American people won't stand for it! Get out of the way, Junior. The race is the symbol of everything we hold dear our American way of life. Sure, it's violent. But that's the way we love it. Violent, violent, violent. And that's why we love you! Frank, do we have to listen to this? No. As to this matter of violence. The technique of violence was first developed in 2.000.000 BC