Death Race 2000 (1975): Joe Reaches Dead End


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The clip joe reaches dead end from Death Race 2000 (1975) with Sylvester Stallone

Jesus H Christ! I'll kill that broad!
What did I do?
Shut your face.
Cornball, what's the fastest way through here?
Well, um... actually, the only way we do it is we get a bulldozer
and we trim this edge down here and we drive through.
No, what's the best way between here and Albuquerque?
You got to go back to the main highway.
I'll lose 45 minutes!
I've seen you before. I'm one of your greatest fans, you know that?
I follow all of the races. I got pictures of you all over the outhouse.
I named my favorite dog after you, Mr. Frankenstein. I did.
Lousy stinkin' dirt ball. You got two seconds to live.

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