Hulk (2003): the Hidden Cellphone


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The clip the hidden cellphone from Hulk (2003) with Eric Bana, Nick Nolte

So, they think they can just throw you away as they did me.
What's wrong with me? What did you do to me?
I got a visit today.
A very unwelcome visit.
I'm afraid my hand is being forced
What did you do to me?
You so much want to know, don't you?
But I think no explanation will serve you half as well...
as the experience.
In any case, I still don't quite understand it myself.
If they'd only let me work in peace...
Of course, my betters would have none of that.
So you experimented on yourself, didn't you?
And passed on to me... what?
An alteration. Genetic.
A deformity. I guess you could call it that.
But an amazing strength too.
And now, finally unleashed, I can harvest it.
You'll do no such thing.
I will isolate it and treat it myself.
I'll remove it and I'll kill it before it does any real harm.
I'll bet you and your Betty would love to destroy it.
But would you really destroy part of yourself?
I don't think so.

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