Hulk (2003): Access Denied


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The clip access denied from Hulk (2003) with Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott

What do you mean, I don't have access to him?
NSA has decided to turn over study of the, uh... the threat to Atheon.
But you're head of the base.
I thought you were in charge.
But I don't set policy, and I still take orders.
I can't believe Talbot would go around me like this!
Oh, there's a lot of powerful people that want in on this.
And money to be made... lots of it.
You know the worst part about all this?
When I had David Banner locked up and sent that kid away,
I didn't give that boy a second thought; he was just collateral damage.
Well, he isn't anymore, is he?
What can I do?
You can go home now.
I'd tell you to go and say good-bye, but I've already been informed...
that for now all further contact is out of the question.

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