Hulk (2003): Father at the Hospital Part 2


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The clip father at the hospital Part 2 from Hulk (2003) with Nick Nolte, Eric Bana

My physical son,
but the child of my mind too.
You're lying.
My parents died when I was a small boy.
No, no, that's not true. That's what they wanted you to believe.
The experiments, the accident... all top secret.
They put me away for 30 years.
Thirty years!
Away from you.
Away from our work.
But they couldn't keep me forever.
After all, I'm sane. They had to admit it.
You see,
your extraordinary mind...
has been seeking all these years...
it's been inside you.
Now we will understand it.
We will harness it.
No, don't answer it. It's Miss Ross again.
There's something you need to know about her, Bruce. Something troublesome
Let me protect you from her.
No. Get out.
Get out!
We're gonna have to watch that temper of yours.

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