Hulk (2003): Meeting Betwin Father and Son Part 3


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The clip meeting betwin father and son Part 3 from Hulk (2003) with Nick Nolte, Eric Bana

My cells can transform too,
absorb enormous amounts of energy.
But, unlike you, they're unstable.
Son, I need your strength.
I gave you life.
Now you must give it back to me!
Only a million times more radiant, more powerful!
Stop it.
Stop? Stop what?
Stop what?
Think about all those men out there in their uniforms...
barking and swallowing orders,
inflicting their petty rule over the entire globe!
Think of all the harm they've done!
To you! To me!
To humanity!
And know this... that we can make them...
and their flags and their anthems and their governments...
disappear in a flash!
You in me.
I'd rather die.
Oh, that's your answer?
Then indeed you shall die... and be reborn...
a hero... of the kind that walked the earth...
long before the pale religions of civilization...
infected humanity's soul!
Stop your bawling,
you weak little speck of human trash.

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