Coal Miner's Daughter (1980): Getting First Song Recorded


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The clip Getting first song recorded from Coal Miner's Daughter (1980)

* Many nights I've laid awake and cried *
* We was so happy *
*My heart was in a whirl **
Let's go, darlin'. Let's do this thing now. I ain't got all day.
Wait a minute. I ain't got all these doodads sewed on.
Baby, I got to get to work. Come on now. Okay.
It's just gonna be your head and shoulders anyhow.
Get up there in front of the backdrop.
You mean that bedspread? Yeah.
Oh, wait a minute, Doo! I oughta put on some lipstick.
Get back in here. I like you better natural. Forget the lipstick.
Slips's all wadded. Sit down there.
Get up on the back of the chair, babe.
Up on the back of the chair? Yeah.
Aw, that's gonna be pretty. That's gonna be pretty.
I don't want you ever wearin' no lipstick or makeup or none of that junk.
I don't like it. It ain't right.
All right, here we go now.
Where do you want me to look? Look at heaven, baby.
Mama. Get out, sweetheart, I'm tryin' to take Mama's picture.
Get over there and sit down now.
Thank you, baby. Smile.
Aw, beautiful.
That's just beautiful. That's it, babe.
Put the backdrop back on the bed.
Are you and Daddy going out again tonight, Mama?
Yes, honey, I've got to sing over in Lynden.
Can I go with you? Oh, no, that's a rough ol' honky-tonk.
You can't be goin' over there.
Did you stay up all night again, honey?

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