Coal Miner's Daughter (1980): Convincing the Radio Man


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The clip Convincing the radio man from Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) with Sissy Spacek, Tommy Lee Jones. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

* We was so happy **
WTMT... the voice of country in Hazard, Kentucky.
We've been seein'all different parts of the country...
and meeting all kinds of people and Doolittle, he's driving...
This is WMID in Middlesboro.
Mommy's back in Kentucky taking care of the four babies.
They're wondering what happened to their mama.
I have no idea where singers got songs to sing...
so I thought, shoot, I just better write myself up one.
At least until I get this music business figured out.
Doo, can we send the kids some suckers or something?
No, babe, we can't afford it. We ain't got the money.
Here's your baloney. Forty-eight cents.
I'm gettin' so sick of baloney.
You are? You know what they say about baloney, don't you?
What? Makes you horny.
What's that mean? Ha, ha, ha.
Are you so dad-burned ignorant you don't know what horny means?
No, what does it mean? I ain't gonna tell you.
Doo, what does it mean?
What does it mean?
With all these months on the road, have you hit Nashville?
No, sir, but I'm a-dying to.
I'm gonna get on Grand Ole Opry, just as soon as I can.
You know, sometimes you got to pay a lot of dues to get on the Opry.
Pay dues? Well...
for most people, it takes years and years of hard work.
Still, from the looks of things, you're off to a real good start.
Shoot, we've been drivin' so much, I don't know where I am half the time.
Oh, it's fun though. And we sing and talk.

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