Coal Miner's Daughter (1980): Loretta is Nervous Before the Show


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The clip Loretta is nervous before the show from Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) with Tommy Lee Jones

Sweet thing. Look at you.
How's that big ol' ugly husband of yours?
He's out in the alley trying to sober up enough to do his show.
Turn the radio up, will ya?
Listen, I'm trying to hear the radio.
He's got a wife on the Opry.
Oh, is that right? Hell, you got it made, man.
All you gotta do is lay up and count it as the old lady rakes it in.
I do my share of the work. Delmar, turn it up! Sure you do, hoss.
Sure you do. I told you all politely I'm trying to hear my wife sing.
Oh, is that your job? She sings...
and you listen. Yeah.
* And now I'm a honky-tonk girl **
I'll be. Wonderful.
Real wonderful, honey. Thank you so much.
Hey, by the way, you think you might come back next week?
I ain't got nothin' else planned.
Ain't got nothin' else planned. Okay, Loretta Lynn!
I'll be. She's a doll, I'll tell ya.
Thank you, honey.
Doo, did you hear? Yeah, I heard you.
They loved me. And they want me to come back next week.
Can you believe it? I can believe it, baby.
Now what we gotta do next is plan real carefully what we're gonna do next.
I'm too happy to even think about that now.
I don't care if I die tomorrow, Doo.
If I never sing another song, it ain't never gonna be better than this.
Did you hurt yourself? Your jaws are swelling up.
That's just from grinning, baby. That's from pure happiness.
*I fall to pieces *

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