Coal Miner's Daughter (1980): Being Played on the Radio


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The clip Being played on the radio from Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) with Sissy Spacek, Gary Parker

Doo, that's my husband, he'll get to actin' horny.
What! And the more I laugh, the hornier he gets.
For God's sake. Loretta, goddamn!
And he'll say, Loretta, spread me up one of them baloney sandwiches.
I don't know where in the hell you think you are, lady,
but that kind of smut don't go on in this part of the country.
I didn't know it was dirty. I thought horny meant cuttin' up and actin' silly.
Come off that dumb hillbilly act.
Mister, if you knew Loretta, you'd know that ain't no act. Thank you, Doo.
Let me tell you something.
We're gonna be damn lucky if we don't lose our FCC license for this!
And I mean, damn lucky.
And I'm gonna tell you something else.
I ain't never playing another record of yours on this radio station!
Never! Don't you ever stop to think what the hell you're saying?

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