Coal Miner's Daughter (1980): Giving Loretta the Wedding Ring


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The clip Giving Loretta the wedding ring from Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) with Beverly D'Angelo, Sissy Spacek

This'll take you through your fifth month.
Oh, Patsy, are you sure you want me to have this? Oh, yes, take it.
I got something with your name written on it.
I like that.
And this... I got to go. Doo's a-waitin' for me.
You all right? Yeah.
All right, I'm gonna call you on Monday. Okay.
We're gonna go shoppin'. Anything we can't buy... we'll make.
Anything we can't make... we'll steal.
You take care of yourself, all right? Okay.
Okay, darlin'. Thank you, Patsy.
Take care. I'm callin' you first thing Monday. Don't forget.
Okay. All right.
* You don't love me *
*It's plain *
*I should know *
*I'll never wear your ring *
You're listening to a tribute to the late Patsy Cline,
tragically killed this morning in a plane crash...
near Dyersburg, Tennessee.
*I should hate you *
* The whole night through *
*Instead ofhavin'*
*Sweet dreams about you ** Baby? Darlin'?
She can't be dead.
We was goin' shoppin'.
Who am I gonna talk to now?
I got the names for 'em, Doo.
Peggy and Patsy. Which one is which?
I don't know. Reckon we'll have to wait...
and see who grows up to be who.

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