The Naughty Nineties (1945): the Move


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The clip the move from The Naughty Nineties (1945)

Hello, Avery. Good evening, Sam.
Everything's fixed. Go over to the table with Dexter and watch for his sign.
All right, make your plays, gentlemen.
Ride with the winner.
Twelve. The loser. I mean seven, the winner.
All right, boys. Looking for a new point.
Snake eyes. You lose.
I mean seven. You win.
Something's going wrong. Yeah?
Crowd's breaking the house at number two table.
Number two? That's impossible. Those dice are loaded.
All right, gentlemen. Place your bets.
There's the dice rolling, and they're coming out for point... seven.
You win.
All right, place your bets.
Wait a minute! Hold the dice!
What's going on here? Ohh! You!
What have you been doing under there?
Hey! Do you see that? Yes.
How many, please? Two, ple...
Thank you.
Aaah! No! No! No!

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