The Naughty Nineties (1945): the Money

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The clip the money from The Naughty Nineties (1945) Where's the money? My money, yes. I got it right here....
The clip the money from The Naughty Nineties (1945) Where's the money? My money, yes. I got it right here. Get it out. Is it all there? I saved every bit of it. Tens, twenties, yes. Some fifties. Several fifties, yes. Fifty, fifty, fifty. Twenty, twenty, ten, ten. What was that? Somebody put a buck in there. Give it to me. Let's get... No, I said all of it. Oh, excuse me. That's the idea. No, no, no, no. Give me the bill. That's the idea. I... Give me that bill. Put it in my hand like that and leave it there. Okay. That's better. Now we... Pew, stop. Pew. Now, it don't look nice chewing gum in that suit. I'm chewing it in my mouth. Well, skip it. Here, buy us some chips. Okay. Mister, we would like to get some... There you are. That's quick service. Here. Here's some chips for you to play with. And take it easy! I'll tell you what, you play the same numbers I play. I'll play number 20, and you play 20 too. How can you do that? Why not? We're gonna play the same number? Same number. You want me to play 22. No, no. I'm gonna play 20. You play 20 too. That's two different numbers. Let's play the same number. Let's play 30. All right. You play 30, and I'll play 30 too. Okay. No, no, no! Well, what do you want to do? Let's play the same number. You can't play 32 and me... What do you want to do? Let's both play 33. All right, here. Put it on 33. On 33. 33. There it is. Number 33. What are you doing? Up on the board! Here's 33. Over there. Hm-hmm. On the board! What are you doing? Thirty-three. Come on, get down. See here. See? Come here, come here. Hey.! Oh! Thirty-three! Win.! win.! Twenty-six black the winner. The house wins. Get your bets down. Hey, wait a minute! What kind of a ball is that? It's got the hiccups.