Private School (1983): Catching Miss Dutchbok Having Sex


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The clip Catching Miss Dutchbok Having Sex from Private School (1983)

Oh. Oh.
Oh! What are you doing?
Does it displease you? Dutchbok.
It doesn't displease me that much.
But do you suppose while you're doing that, my darling, you could write that check?
Well, of course I could, darling.
Here, here, let me help you with these buttons.
These buttons? Yes, they're so binding.
I wouldn't want anything to bind you.
I'll take care of the buttons, you take care of the check.
As you wish, dearest.
Damn. What is it?
I've dropped my pen.
Oh, I'll get it... Oh! Forgive me, Prudence.
A rash impulse. I couldn't resist.
No need to apologize. The check, dearest?
Oh, yes, yes, of course. Damn!
The pen? No, no, the check. I've dropped the check.
Well, let me. Oh, oh, stop that!
Stop! Don't! Stop! Stop! Don't!
Oh, my God, use both hands!
But I need one to write the check.
Oh, forget the goddamn check! Use both hands!
Do you like it like this? Oh, yes!
Yes! Don't be so gentle!
How about this? Yes! Yes!
And this? Yes! Yes! Yes!
Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Wait a minute. Something strange is happening here.
There's nothing strange about two people trying to give each other pleasure,
no matter how bizarre the means. I know!
And by the way, if you're turned on to rubber garments, I happen to have...
Oh, shut up, you fool!
Our voices! It's almost as if they're amplified!

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