Private School (1983): Spilling Champagne on Jordan


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The clip Spilling Champagne on Jordan from Private School (1983)

And after our summer, she begged me to stay, but...
That was Paris.
Look, Bubba, I'm getting really sick of waiting for your friend.
Jordan, just a little longer. For Jim's sake.
Come on, this is ridiculous! I'm gonna go!
Wait! Wait!
Now, Jim bought a bottle of vintage champagne just for tonight.
He'd never forgive me if I let you go without at least trying some. Please?
VoilĂ !
Red champagne?
The finest money can buy.
Just wait till you try this stuff.
Oh, I'm... Look what you've done!
My clothes are ruined!
Take them off! All of them!
Take them off and soak them.
I'll get you a towel.
Got one!
Give me that! Do you have any soda water? Soda water?
To take the stains out!
I'll go see if we have any.

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