Private School (1983): Pink Champgne


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The clip Pink Champgne from Private School (1983)

Wow, look at this.
Hey, pretty fancy, huh?
This tub looks like it could hold both of us.
I mean, if we wanted it to.
Look at this view.
Someone's at the door.
So what?
Relax, will you? Who's there?
Some complimentary pink champagne, Mr. Rams-Jones.
Hey, thank you.
Well, okay. Okay, enjoy it.
Thank you.
Wow, complimentary champagne. This must've cost a mint.
What's wrong?
Oh, there aren't any glasses.
Well, we can drink out of the plastic ones in the bathroom.
No, don't be silly.
I'll call room service. I'm dying to give that guy a tip again.

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