Private School (1983): Jordan Exposes Jim


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The clip Jordan Exposes Jim from Private School (1983)

That's perfect.
Let me turn over now so you can do the other side.
No! Jordan, I don't think I can do that!
Oh, how thoughtless of me! Your hands must be tired.
I know, I'll massage you.
No, no, Jordan!
Yes? Please! I have to tell you something.
Yes? I'm not really a girl.
Jordan! Jordan, please, don't scream!
I never meant for this to happen! Jim? Is that you?
How could you deceive me?
He snuck into my room and took advantage of me!
You tricked me into taking my clothes off just so you could see me naked!
What's going on? I don't know.
I wonder what he was doing in there.

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