Private School (1983): Class About Sexual Intercourse


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The clip Class about Sexual Intercourse from Private School (1983)

Good afternoon, class.
I know how much you've been looking forward
to today's lessons of the mechanics of sexual intercourse.
Too many people are embarrassed or ashamed
about the very natural act of sexual intercourse.
Come right in.
Go right ahead with your class, Miss Copuletta.
We'll just stand here for a tiny moment.
Yes, of course, Miss Dutchbok. Thank you.
Now then, during sexual intercourse,
the male undergoes certain biological changes
which cause his organ to become erect.
Now, after a short length of time, the male organ releases its fertile cargo...
Thank you very much, Miss Copuletta. That was very stimulating.
Come, ladies, let's... Let's go to lunch.
We have a lovely lunch in the cafeteria. We're having chicken.
Miss Copuletta?
Which do you think is the most important in a penis,
length or width?
Well, I don't think that we have the time to get into that today.
What, is she kidding?
I mean, we don't have the time today to talk about that.
Now, we are going to see a short film called The Tadpole and His Community.
Rita, take care of the blinds, please.
Hello, Hotel D'Amour? I'd like to make a weekend, please.

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