The Game (1997): Conrad's Birthday Present


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The clip Conrad's Birthday Present from The Game (1997) with Michael Douglas, Sean Penn

You ready to order, sir.
No, I'm still waiting.
This was ice tea?
Conrad, what a surprise!
Happy birthday, Nickie.
Seymore Butts, I'll never get tired of that one.
That's why it's a classic. This is nice restaurant.
They give me free jacket.
I'm sure they're gonna want it back.
I remember being here a long time ago.
Yeah, I took you here once.
No, I used to buy crystal-meth off the maitre d'.
Oh, really?
In college.
Which college?
Miss me?
As much as that's possible.
You look good.
So do you.
Think I was worried.
Worried about me?
How long has it been since Mom's funeral? 2-3 years?
I thought you quit.
I did. It didn't take.
Well, you can't smoke here.
I'm with you.
It's illegal to smoke in restaurants in California.
Fuck California.
How are you?
Couldn't be better.
We're divorced, she remarried a pediatrician or a gynecologist...
...or pediatric gynecologist. Lives in, uh... Sausalito.
That's too bad.
I liked her.
And what about you?
What, you don't keep track of me anymore?
Not since family week at rehab.
So what brings you to town Conrad?
Everything all right?
Need anything?
No, I don't need anything from you. I just...
...have myself laying naked on the beach near Bisa...
...and all the sudden it click.
October 12th...
...Nickie's birthday.
October 11th.
This is for you.
You shouldn't have.

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