The Game (1997): What Is The Game


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The clip What Is The Game from The Game (1997) with Sean Penn, Michael Douglas

What about Monday or Tuesday?
No, that's bad for me.
Well, how about tonight?
Well, I'm working all this evening.
Wednesday is the only possibility right now.
Do you wanna do dinner?
By the way, I went to C. R. S.
Really? What did you think?
Well, they seemed just a little bit disorganized.
Well, when I did it in London, they've been around a while.
Are you gonna do this?
No, I haven't decided yet.
...telling you it's the way to getting in on the ground floor...
...for the next Disneyland.
C. R. S. won't go public, their family owned.
Stranger things have happened.
No, they haven't actually.
They opened here.
"The game" in San Francisco?
See? They're doing fine without any of us.
How are you, James? Good evening.
Good evening, sir.
Get new members here?
Believe so, sir.
Put the next round on me.
Got you, sir.
No, no, no.
Last time I played Pebble, I swore I'd never pick up another club again.
Speaking about games...
...couldn't help to overhear you talking about C. R. S..
Well, the reason I mentioned is...
I took the test today the Montgomery street office.
You did? Kudos.
So, yours hasn't started yet?
No, not yet, that was one of the questions I had for you.
What is it?
Oh, what is it?
The eternal question.
You know I envy you.
I wish I could go back and do it for the first time all over again.
Here's to... new experiences.
Hmm, if you'll excuse me, I got to go.
Good night, Ted.

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