The Game (1997): The Game Begins Part 3


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The clip The Game Begins Part 3 from The Game (1997) with Carroll Baker, Michael Douglas

It's miniaturized.
You know how dangerous that is?
Mr. Van Orton?
... and in domestic news, sunny California...
Yes, Ilsa, what is it?
Is everything all right?
Fine. the petroleum processing plant yesterday...
I finished for the evening, will you be needing anything else?
... in sunny California...
No, I won't, Ilsa, thank you. Good night.
Good night, then.
... under control of major that broke out... a petroleum processing plant yesterday...
Several weeks...
Who was that?
Never mind who that is.
You wanna know how a camera got into you home, don't you?
Yes, I would.
Co... colder.
Wa... wa... warm.
Write this number down.
It's a 24 hour Consumer Recreation Services hotline.
For emergencies only.
But don't call asking what the object of the game is...
...figuring that out... the object of the game.
Good luck and congratulations on choosing...
C... R... S...
Great to have the American ambassador expelled after the incident.
Who the State Department responded quickly with a forward apology.
An announcement with the ambassadors will be immediate voluntary...

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