The Game (1997): Looking for Jim


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The clip Looking for Jim from The Game (1997) with Michael Douglas, James Rebhorn

Cafe, past Chinatown.
Get out of the car, fucker.
Open the door and leave it running.
You're making a mistake here.
Now get the fuck out of the car.
Get the fuck out of the car.
I am extremely fragile...
...right now.
New Moon Cafe.
He does commercials.
Do you know how many customers we have?
Hundreds, thousands.
I know he ordered from you. He went to the Montgomery Street 1019...
Is there anybody here that can help me?
He's an actor. If I blow these people you have here upon you...
Hey! Why are you taking my picture?
We were hoping he would auditon today.
He'd really be perfect for this part.
Oh, this will break his heart.
Well is there any place we can contact him?
Well, his beepers here on the table.
He took the kids to the zoo.
The zoo! That's very very sweet.
Which zoo?
Oh, it's the one with the White Tiger.
Lyno Fisher, I love your work.
Ok, please... Look, I... uh...
I got my kids.
Get rid of them.
Guys... uh... guys, come on, snack time...
One more snacks.

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