The Game (1997): Nicholad Vists Elizabeth


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The clip Nicholad Vists Elizabeth from The Game (1997) with Michael Douglas, Anna Katarina

I need to borrow your car.
What happened to you? I mean...
Look at you...
Look at me what happened tonight?
I don't know. I have these things I have to worry.
I need your car.
Of course you can have it, if you need it.
Can't I get you something to eat?
You know you're the only person...
...that I can trust.
Everyone else... If Sam Sutherland calls you... don't tell him you talk to me. You lie to him.
And whatever else happens before he speaks...
Ok, coffee...
...English muffin...
...and your water.
This bottle...
... is open. Who opened this bottle?
Yeah, I opened it.
I don't want an opened bottle. I want an unopened bottle.
I don't want ice like this, I want just a glass...
Nickie, talk to me.
You're scaring me.
I don't even know what you're saying.
I'm sorry, Liz, I don't mean it.
I'm sorry.
You know I've been...
...thinking last couple of days.
I've had some... some spare time.
And I wanted to tell you...
...I understand why you left me.
And I know that I...
...resented it.
I want to apologize to you...
...for shutting you out...
...and not being there.

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