I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007): Give Barbies Away


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The clip give Barbies away from I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

(Group) Fight! Fight! Fight!
Hey! Cut it out! Who told you to hit girls.
She started it.
I can take him.
What was that about?
He said your Mother's show only got a 6.3 rating. And it's down the toilet.
Hey Noah, I heard Brad Pit's firing your dad's law firm.
These guys are special so they go on display.
And these go to "Good Will".
Oh, no.
What's wrong?
They're all naked and skinny and lying in a pile.
It looks like a concentration camp. We have to dress them.
Please. It's depressing.
What happened at the movies?
Did Dilan put his arm around you?
Did you both put your arms on the arm rest together?
Well, first his arm went on it. And then I put my arm on it.
But then he took his off and sat like this.
He's not ready for girls yet.
He had a girlfriend last year.
Then he has no taste.
Ma I love him.
Ok, I'm sorry.
Izz are you sure you're done with these guys?
It's just so sad.
It's like when you finish a season and the actors all go away.
Want to play one last game?
Ma I'm too old for Barbies.
Yeah, but I'm not.
Ok, who should be in love with who?
Let's see.
You're enabling.

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