I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007): Jeanie's Photoshop Work


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The clip Jeanie's photoshop work from I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

he thinks he's suddenly turned into a young hipster.
Well, and you think maintaining your high school weight makes you a cheerleader.
Your both wrong.
You can jump and peel and nip and tuck but your insides are still rotting away.
Hey, there's something new to makeover.
Internal organs.
Yeah, you can have a liver lift.
Hey, a pancreatic resurfacing or a colon peel.
Yeah, botox you're ovaries baby. Then you'll look young in your x-rays.
He's at Lakers games with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.
He's trout fishing with Norm MacDonald.
I am the one behind closed doors all afternoon and who have I met?
Yeah I thought that meant secrets from his wife, not the whole town.
I'll talk to you later Ma.
Anyone call?
Look what I made of Brianna.
I already did Sean. It's hilarious.
Uh, we had to make some changes to this weeks episode.
Your line in the bowling alley was cut.
Oh... You have to do what's better for the show.
It was the censor. He thought you were too sexy.
I'm sorry.
That's fine. Forget it.
Ok. All right, well I'm going to go get Izz, if anyone needs me I'm on my cell.
You go girl.
Hey, is Rosie there?
No you just missed her.
She had and emergency botox appointment.
You are bad.

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