The Matrix Reloaded (2003): Nebuchadnezzar


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The clip Nebuchadnezzar from The Matrix Reloaded (2003) with Laurence Fishburne, Harold Perrineau

We're almost there.
Sir, are you sure about this?
I told you, we're going to be all right.
I understand, sir. It's just that...
...I'm scoping some serious sentinel activity up here.
Yes, sir?
Given your situation, I can't say I understand your reasons...
...for volunteering to operate onboard my ship.
However, if you wish to continue to do so, I must ask you to do one thing.
What's that, sir?
To trust me.
Yes, sir. I will, sir.
I mean, I do, sir.
I hope so.
Repatch the main AC to the hard drives and stand by to broadcast.
Yes, sir.

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