Miss Potter (2006): Saying Goodbye to Norman


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The clip saying goodbye to norman from Miss Potter (2006)

Which carriage, Rupert?
Four carriages down. This way.
This is the Potters' for Windermere.
Right you are, sir.
Here and those two.
Mr. Warne!
Oh, I do apologise.
Miss Potter!
Mr. Warne!
I was beginning to fear you wouldn't come.
You're soaked.
It wasn't raining when I left the office.
I brought you the proof of the new book for your trip.
Oh, you'll catch cold.
I couldn't miss seeing you off.
You know nothing would stop me.
This is going to be the longest summer I've ever spent.
It's only the summer. That's all.
And this time is not for us. It's for your parents.
How can they know what we're feeling? They've never felt it.
We can afford them this three months.
I suppose.
This is not how I wish to say goodbye to you.
Goodbye, Miss Potter. I look forward to your speedy return.

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